IBL Pushes Back Launch Until 2013, Far-Flung Pacific Northwest an Apparent Target

The upstart Interstate Baseball League, formerly Gulf Coast Baseball League, has pushed back its inaugural launch until 2013.  In other exciting league news, the IBL has apparently had contact with a former friend of the failed Southwestern States League, as the Pacific Northwest seems to be on the radar for expansion:

“The Interstate Baseball League is seeking ownership groups for expansion teams in the Pacific Northwest division for the inaugural 2013 season. Let me know if you are interested in owning a team!”

I hope we don’t have to revisit the Pacific Northwest debate again.


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4 responses to “IBL Pushes Back Launch Until 2013, Far-Flung Pacific Northwest an Apparent Target

  1. Gil Renard

    It would seem that this area of the United States is indeed an unserved market for professional baseball. The problem is these locations do not have the necessary facilities to be successful in the long term. The facilities they do have would require extensive renovations to meet professional standards. The facilities in their current state, as well as the population base would be better served for an up start College League. It would seem to me that a better location would be geared more toward the Central US in states such as Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, as states in that region have better facilities as well as more of a population base.

  2. mike jameson

    what a joke, we need to stop these people from embrassing our profession

  3. Indy baller

    It wont work especially now that they are trying to work with Andy Swenson, this dude has no money or credibility and has tried this northwest stuff with CBL, SWSL and now IBL, and even GBL, give it a rest already

    • Swens13

      Indy baller– I would suggest you keep your comments about me to a dull roar unless you want a slander lawsuit on your lap. You know nothing about me, my finances, or my background to offer such comments.
      There has been a great response to the PNW division of the IBL and I am helping set it all up for 2013 whether you agree with it or not.
      Have a great day!

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