Mayor, Potential AA Team Owners: One-Week Delay Not a Concern

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is saying that a one-week delay from Feb. 7 to Feb. 16 for city staff to report on the future of minor league baseball at Ottawa Stadium will not harm chances for Double-A ball in the capital city.  The potential Double-A team owners apparently agree.  In an effort to keep the pressure on, Ken “The Bulldog” Gray has continued to chomp at the city’s heels clamoring that officials are blowing it.  Read more here.


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6 responses to “Mayor, Potential AA Team Owners: One-Week Delay Not a Concern

  1. Stadium should be in pretty good shape re: class AA standards. It was a AAA facility until pretty recently and it isn’t all that old, is it?

  2. patrick

    Well in the know you are right we will know by Aug on whos moving and whos staying we dont want to speculate keep the lid shut til the time is right :)

  3. in the know

    There won’t be any announcement on who is moving, if anybody, until after the 2012 season-at least if the team that is moving can keep a lid on it. No better way to turn off sponsors and fans by letting on that you are lame duck. Look for something on this in August of 2012 if they can get the stadium up to AA standards.

  4. Commish73

    I’m in one of the double A cities… what owenership group would move or sell in Feb for the 2012 season? Seems like an odd report.

  5. This writer needs to do a little more homework. A class AA team would have to be a relocation of an existing team. The affiliations are, of course, set for 2012. It has nothing to do with “hot young players on the way up”…. EVERY class AA affiliate is trying to field a team of “hot young players on the way up”!!!! It is simply about the ownership of an existing affiliated AA team in the Eastern League either relocating along with current team ownership or selling to new ownership who would relocate with the approval of the Eastern League and MiLB.

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