New Owners, Logo for Elmira Pioneers

Donald Lewis and Nellie Franco Nichols were introduced as the new owners of the summer collegiate Elmira Pioneers (Perfect Game League) at a news conference on Wednesday.  A new logo was also unveiled for the team.  Read more and view news clip here.


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6 responses to “New Owners, Logo for Elmira Pioneers

  1. patrick spawn

    alan iam sorry for being negative on the binghamton mets we can agree to disagree but one thing we can agree on is if the mets did pack and moved away any baseball leauge can fill the void and nyseg which i personally still call it Binghamton Mets Stadaim needs have more room like 10,000 seats for season holders and other events make it like a mini shea stadium way back when it would be neat and brian i should have clarfy of what i said anyone can enjoy games from april-sept but in my personal opinon may to sept would fit april sometimes the weather is unpreditable you agree or respectfully disagree of my opinon so both of you enjoy the rest of your weekend

  2. patrick spawn

    alan first of all im not a player,vender or a staffer that has a ax to grind i’m however a taxpayer and baseball fan i am just here to point out that binghamton is better off having a PGL team than a eastern leauge team do you like to watch games from april to sept or watch games from mid june to aug i personally like from june to aug and alan let me say im sorry for slamming the binghamton mets have a nice day and weekend

    • ballparkbiz

      Stating that a lower level of ball is a better fit for Binghamton is one thing, but you have shown a lot of anti-B-Mets passion in multiple comments, which sends signals that there is more to the story. That said, Binghamton is a small market (under 50,000), and NYSEG Stadium is 20 years old, so nobody should be surpised if the team departs for more lucrative pastures at some point in the future. A NY-Penn League, Can-Am League, or summer collegiate franchise could certainly step in to fill the void. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


    • Brian

      If you only want to watch games from June to September, that is certainly your prerogative. Nobody is forcing you to go watch B-Mets games in April or May if you don’t want to. But there are many people who like to watch games in April and May and who love having an Eastern League team. So I really don’t get your point.

  3. patrick spawn

    Nice logo much better than the EL Binghamton Mets a stupid bee for a logo the team is overrated hohum boring lame and i rather go to 48 games than 142 games i wish binghamton had a Prefect Game summer Leauge baseball team in my opinon

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