City Gets Bump From Rawhide Revenues, Facility Upgrades on Radar

The City of Visalia (CA) received $90,658 from the Single-A Visalia Rawhide (California League) for the use of Recreation Park in 2011.  This was an 11-percent increase over the previous season, which was made possible by a 10-percent boost in Rawhide attendance. 

Under the team’s lease, the city receives 5 percent of all revenues under $1.5 million, 7.5 percent when reveues fall between $1.5 million and $2 million, and 10 percent for all revenues over $2 million.

While the Rawhide have made attendance strides, which can be attributed in part to the $11.5 million in facility upgrades completed in 2009, the team’s attendance still remains modest at 1,736 per game.  To keep the numbers moving in the right direction, the club would like to see a renovation of the stadium’s grandstand, which was built in the 1940s, investment in a new $300k energy-efficient lighting system, and installation of a new video scoreboard.  Read more here.

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