Amarillo Sox Become Better Community Partner

PRESS RELEASE – As part of their continued pledge to “Building A Better Amarillo” the Amarillo Sox announced their plan today to play a larger role in creating awareness and stimulating knowledge of the purpose, function, and outreach of their charitable partners for the upcoming season. 

As most know by now, many changes have occurred over the last six years in the baseball world that surrounds Amarillo but, the one resounding constant has been a galvanizing commitment to being a loyal and active community partner by the professional baseball team.   The upcoming season will be no exception, as the Sox announced they have streamlined their charitable efforts in order to have much greater impact for their partners as well as, within the community. 

This year the Sox have identified and forged partnerships with four specific local not-for-profit organizations which will include America Supports You Texas, March of Dimes, Make-A-Wish, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In the past, companies have been able to purchase a corporate buyout night which provided the opportunity for marketing brands and services to a captive audience of thousands, who received free admission courtesy of that company, along with the option to include fund raising efforts for their charity of choice. This concept originated back in 2007 and since then it has been wildly successful in gaining invaluable brand exposure for those particular companies while raising thousands of much needed funds for a plethora of charities.
Under the new plan, corporate buyout nights will focus on events that will produce greater donation providing more impact for charities and with support from local heavy-hitters like Bell Helicopter, Sonic Drive-Ins, Amarillo Ice Company, and Amarillo National Bank headlining a specific month during the season, tying into their partnerships with America Supports You Texas, March of Dimes, Make-A-Wish, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, respectively. In addition to the headline partners, other companies who currently support one these charities or would like to adopt one of them, ultimately starting their own community give-back program, can participate in this season-long fund raising by purchasing a buyout night for that particular charity.
However there are two huge twists with the new plan, during a specific Sunday home game of each month the aforementioned partners will auction off custom-designed game jerseys that will be worn by players, coaches, and staff with 100% of the profits benefiting their charity of choice. On top of the jerseys auction, these designated Sunday games will not include free admission on behalf of the corporate partner, like in the past, but instead they will include a ticket admission price of $1, which the Amarillo Sox will donate back to that night’s charity. 
In minor league baseball it is well understood that baseball is just baseball and that often it is not the vehicle that brings guests to the ballpark but more so, it is the team’s involvement in the community that is more important to its’ constituents, if you will. This understanding and thought process has been in the forefront of Amarillo’s baseball team since 2007 which has been met with outstanding response from fans and according to Sox general manager Mark Lee it very well could be one of, it not, the biggest reasons for the teams’ success over the years.
“We made a conscious decision many years ago that our goal was to be more than just a baseball team with the adoption of a mission statement that pledged our commitment to being a loyal and active community partner,” Lee said. “We, like every pro sports team, have the unique ability to utilize our venue to promote the greater good through the work of those who make our community better, stronger, and truly provide life changing outreach, that is why we do what do,” Lee added. “Our acts are not heroic we just believe in the people who make a difference in the community that supports our organization so therefore, it’s our obligation to return the favor.”
Game-worn jersey auction and ticket donation games will be held on May 27 for America Supports You Texas, June 17 for March of Dimes, July 22 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and August 26 for Make-A-Wish. All of these dates again will be Sunday home games with scheduled starting times of 6:05pm with the exception of the May 27 game against the Laredo Lemurs that will start at 2:05pm, to accommodate team travel to Winnipeg, Canada.
Join the Sox For “The March To A Million!” Season tickets are currently available for purchase in-person or over the phone by visiting the Amarillo Sox Executive Offices at 801 South Polk Street or by calling (806) 242-GOLD (4653).   Game day tickets go on-sale May 1, 2012.   VISA, MasterCard, and Discover accepted. 

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