Group Plans Pitch for Atlantic City Ballpark

We would love to see baseball back at The Sandcastle in Atlantic City (NJ), but we’re not convinced Connecticut-based Silk City Ventures (SCV) is the group to do it.  We have been monitoring the outfit and their Atlantic City Surf Facebook page for some time, and we remain a tad skeptical.

What are we talking about?  SCV has been working on a plan to bring back the Surf.  We had asked for details of the plan in the past, but we’ve yet to see any document we can evaluate.  Some information coming to light raises a red flag for us.  First, at least part of the project will be funded through a stock offering.  Second, it doesn’t appear that SCV has paid homage to the local elected powers before going public.  This shows a lack of political savvy, unless of course SCV knows some powerful business people in Altantic City who can make things happen.

In any case, we’ll reserve judgment until more information comes to light.  The group plans to launch a new website on Thursday, so we’ll be taking a close look at the details provided and share our opinions.  Read more here.  Thanks to Brian Merzbach for the article.


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2 responses to “Group Plans Pitch for Atlantic City Ballpark

  1. DonkSlayer

    I would like to see this happen though. I’m rooting for the Can-Am to make a revival push and this would certainly help. I’m not sure there is any reason to believe a new incarnation in AC would have anymore success than previous attempts. I do not think the AL will touch this so just go ahead and rule that curcuit out as an option.

  2. danrodriguez804

    Such a sham! These leagues never heard of them. There’s virtually no info about this outside of that one Facebook page. Amateurish to the extreme.

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