County Ends Baseball Stadium Talks with Wilmington (NC), Mandalay

New Hanover County (NC) has withdrawn from new baseball stadium discussions with the City of Wilmington (NC) and Mandalay Entertainment.  This was admitted payback, as the city recently approved an annexation deal for a new apartment complex, which the county opposed.  Read more hereWatch news clip here.


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2 responses to “County Ends Baseball Stadium Talks with Wilmington (NC), Mandalay

  1. Mike Nolan

    This is a shame. Columbia SC is looking at a new ballpark and is hoping that another city in the area would come up with one, too. If the A’s move to San Jose, there would be two Advanced A ball clubs that could move out of the Cal League (Bakersfield being the other). They would fit nicely into the Carolina League.

    Did you ever notice that a vocal 20 to 100 oppose a stadium and then if and when it opens 250,000 or more use it?

    • ballparkbiz

      Indeed, the biggest squawkers tend to get most of the attention, despite the reality that a mere handful or two may be raising objection to a project. That said, I wouldn’t shut the door on Wilmington. This is a local pissing match that appears entirely unrelated to the worthiness of the project. They can certainly get past it.


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