Suplizio Field Renovations on Track, Secondary GJ Rockies Logo Unveiled

The $8.3 million renovation of Suplizio Field, home of the JUCO World Series and now the relocated Rookie-level Grand Junction Rockies (formerly Casper Ghosts) (Pioneer League), is well underway and should be completed on schedule.  Indeed, it’s a pretty unique project, as it will include a new duel-sided press box building to accomodate the adjacent football stadium too.  View demolition photos hereView project details hereView a photo of Suplizio before construction here.

In branding news, Visual + Intent handled the design work for the GJ Rockies’ primary logo above (which is merely a modification of the parent club’s logo by replacing the mountains with mesas from the Western Slope) and the new secondary cap logo below.  When the secondary mark was unveiled on Dec. 17, Visual + Intent stated,  “We’re very excited to have created the new secondary logo for the Grand Junction Rockies.  It will be displayed on the team hat, throughout the stadium, marketing materials, etc.”

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