California Supreme Court Rules Against RDA’s

Local redevelopment agencies (RDAs) in California appear to be dead.  The California Supreme Court issued a ruling this morning saying that it was not unconstitutional for the state to eliminate RDAs.  This is bad news for the over 400 RDAs in California and the proposed new stadium in Escondido (CA) for the Triple-A Tucson Padres (Pacific Coast League).  Read more here.  View ruling here.


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2 responses to “California Supreme Court Rules Against RDA’s

  1. Iconoclast

    Good decision by the state Supreme Court. This is a huge win for property owners. RDA’s were the greatest abusers of private property rights thru the use of eminent domain. Plus, RDA’s were huge slush funds that slimy pols used to pay off their campaign contributors. “Crony capitalism” at its worst. Where do you think the small city of Bell (pop. 40k) got the money to pay its city manger $800k a year and $500k a year for the police chief? Thru the RDA!!! Let team owners go back to the old days of professional sports and build their own damn ballparks. It’s high time that taxpayers stop being on the hook for these financial black holes that never pay off and can never be paid down….

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