Boomers Offer Sears Major Incentives to Stay Local

PRESS RELEASE – As politicians and corporate executives negotiate in Springfield, the Schaumburg Boomers – Chicagoland’s newest professional baseball team – are offering Sears Holding Corporation all the incentive it needs to keep its corporate headquarters in Hoffman Estates, a mere 10 miles down the road from the Boomers home ballpark.

In a letter sent to Sears Holdings Corporation CEO and President Louis J. D’Ambrosio Monday, the Boomers generously offered to host Thanks for Staying! Sears Celebration Day on June 5, 2012 when the Boomers take on the Gateway Grizzles for a6:30 p.m. game at the Schaumburg Baseball Stadium. The event will be hosted if, and only if, Sears’ headquarters remain in Hoffman Estates.  As part of the program, the Boomers offered the following incentives to Sears and its employees:

·       $2 off any box seat ticket for all Sears employees

·       Free tickets for any fans with the last name Sears or Roebuck

·       Blue Light Specials at the concession stands (in homage to Sears’ Kmart stores)

·       The Boomers to-be-named mascot will personally deliver a complimentary lunch (no chicken, please) to Mr. D’Ambrosio and his staff the day of the game.

“We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of this thriving business community and can’t imagine being anywhere else,” Boomers President/General Manager Andy Viano said. “We have greatly enjoyed getting to know our fellow residents and business partners in the area, and feel it’s our responsibility to doeverything we can to keep our partners in this community happy. The other incentives being discussed are fine, but we know nothing beats a summer night at the ballpark and we’re confident these amazing incentives are all Sears needs to stay here in our backyard!”

In addition to the incentives offered, the Boomers are ready and willing to grab a space at the negotiating table and put the incentive package together Sears Holding Corporation needs.

“Our vast minor league baseball experience gives us a real leg up in any negotiation,” Viano added. “We all know that there’s nothing that can’t be solved by a plump, juicy hot dog, a hug from our mascot or a chance to get out and run the bases, and that’s just the beginning of what we’re willing to bring to the table to keep our neighbors happy.”

The Boomers, an expansion franchise in the independent Frontier League, will begin their first season in May 2012. Named after the Greater Prairie Chicken, Boomers seasontickets, Boomer Bundle mini-plans and group outings are on sale now by calling the Boomers office at 847.461.3695. For more information, visit

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One response to “Boomers Offer Sears Major Incentives to Stay Local

  1. Been Around

    A group sales package for a company, simple as that. And some publicity that didn’t involve offering (fill in the disgraced name) a contract, naming your team after a serial killer or having a giant (male part) walk through your concourse while you claim to be unaware of it.

    Not the worst thing to come across the BallparkBiz wires.

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