Laredo Lemurs Join American Association

PRESS RELEASE – American Association commissioner Miles Wolff announced on Monday that the Laredo (Texas) Lemurs have been formally accepted as a member of the league for the 2012 season. The club’s new 6,000-seat ballpark, an $18 million project developed by the City of Laredo, is scheduled to be completed in early May. 

“We are extremely proud to welcome Laredo as a member of the American Association.The plans for the new stadium are impressive, and we expect great things from this team. Laredo has a great baseball history, and the city will be an outstanding addition to the league,” Wolff commented.

The team will be owned by Laredo Baseball Investors, LLC. The Lemurs’ president and chief executive officer is Mark Schuster, a longtime professional baseball executive. 

The 100-game 2012 American Association regular-season schedule will begin May 17, and concludes September 3.


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11 responses to “Laredo Lemurs Join American Association

  1. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Just don’t see any reason to be positive about Godfather yet. Ran Maui into the dirt. Clearly looks like GBL 2

  2. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    That ballpark was a major issue in Atlantic City, still is. Won’t deny there were ownership issues too but that situation isn’t just about VSG.

    Florida…got some nice spring major league parks that could be indy parks during the summer…

  3. Ron Indy Freak

    For example I tried to support that group out of Connecticut, Silk City Ventures who wanted to bring Atlantic City back up to par. They spent years preparing for that project even working with former employees who got screwed by VSG and Carminucci in an effort to realize past mistakes and strive forward in a new Direction. Unfortunately it was doomed to fail before they even got started as the media and community was still pretty burnt up about how things worked out between VSG and everyone involved. Just sad to see situation like that shake out. Being someone from Florida, we don’t have indy baseball and the affiliated teams other than Jacksonville, aren’t very good draws, so I was rooting for a good story out west, and a good story in Atlantic City….guess only time will tell…

  4. Ron Indy Freak

    I know too much about VSG to feel any good came from them and their operation. Godfather Media, I am hoping learned there lesson and will do things right so they aren’t chased out of the game all together.

  5. Ron Indy Freak

    Ventura Sports Group is a joke! They messed up in St. Joe, ruined Atlantic City to the point that several interested parties over the last year have been run out of town by media and disgruntled former fans taking out their anger for Ventura who ran out of town after screwing everyone in the City, nets not forget that Grand Prairie, El Paso were both mismanaged, and spin off Chris Carminucci Sports Management has managed to take the “VENTURA WAY” to Brockton and ruin one of the only decent draws in the doomed Can-Am League. Hats off to them, some how they manage to get people to throw them money for these new teams in new locations, I know for a fact they don’t use very much of their own money rather using large groups of investors for each individual project to cover costs and operations. I give it two years and they will be on to the next!

    • Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

      You speak highly of the Godfather Media group but trash VSG. Doesn’t seem to make sense. VSG has done a lot more for indy ball than Godfather Media has. There are always going to be stumbles but to trash VSG and hold out hope for Godfather Media just seems weird…

      Atlantic City is a completely different story. Blame the media all you want for recent “failures” but you can’t play in a ballpark that was in the condition it was in until this past summer. It’s still not up to par right now.

      Brockton had issues for a while, just came to a head and blew up.

      And a lot of teams are bought through groups so that’s not saying much.

      Someone at VSG must have really burned you or something.

  6. Mike

    look ronaldo get yur shit straight we from laredo there doin something for our laredo tx kant yu see we berly have shit to do here daymn fake

  7. ronaldo de leon jr

    first sign of faliure is when u sold ur teams rights in el paso diablos and grand prarie!!!!! btw the requirement of 2 yr contracts is ridiculous

  8. ronaldo de leon jr

    hate the name and ill be there opening day with a huge sign love the broncos always and bye leamurs i hope u dont last a week!

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