Flyers Might Return From Darkness, Would Revert Back to ‘Fullerton’ Name

PRESS RELEASE – Alan Mintz, Founder/President/Chairman of Fullerton Flyers LLC, has announced that he is in negotiations with Cal State Fullerton to bring back the Fullerton, formerly Orange County, Flyers for the 2012 season.

Take note that The Flyers are planning to revert back to their original name of Fullerton, dropping Orange County. Changing the name five years ago, by which Mintz’s admits, was a mistake in judgment in an effort to try to broaden interest county wide. It takes more than a name change. “This is Fullerton’s Team”.

Mintz has met with City Manager Joe Felz who has pledged his support and is looking forward to continue working with the team to develop a new stadium on The Amerige Park site.

Mintz is also working on a plan to open up ownership opportunities ala Green Bay Packers.

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