Pittsfield Chooses FCBL, Goldklang Group

In a not-so-surpirsing move, the Pittsfield (MA) City Council has selected the seasoned Goldklang Group, representing the second-year Futures Collegiate Baseball League, over an inexperienced local group, representing the New England Collegiate Baseball League, to bring a new summer collegiate franchise to Wahconah Park.  The Goldklang ownership will pay $13,500 annually, plus $440 per game to lease the historic baseball facility.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Pittsfield Chooses FCBL, Goldklang Group

  1. Heather

    The trees have grown up so much that the sun delays only happened 3 times all season in 2011. Unfortunately the parking lot would take a awful lot to pave since it is flood land. The scoreboard works fine now that the electrical issues outside the park have been fixed, same with the lights. Wahconah Park is a great place to watch any type of game. I have been watching them for 20 or so years.

  2. Ed M. waterbury, Ct. USA

    Drive down route eight southward and you will reach Torrington in Ct.. That city is close by ,Torrington will make for a close rival for the new Collegiate team in Pittsfield.. Keep fixing up Wachonah park , level & pave the parking area and put up a billboard or new scoreboard to block the setting sun and fan support will increase. Leominster and Nashua are not that far away either. I vacation in the Pittsfield area and I have seen the Cubs and Mets affiliated teams as well as the Can Am league. Collegiate baseball is a good alternative now that semi pro ball(Colonials) have failed. Enjoy and play ball.

  3. redsox2806@aol.com

    I agree. NEBL missed the boat in not expanding. Looking forward to FCBL games in 2012.


  4. Timothy E. Jones III

    Great choice by the city of Pittsfield. they got one of minor league baseball’s finest ownership groups.

    i am very impressed with the futures league thus far, can’t wait to see where else they expand to. if i were the NECBL, i would be veryyyyy nervous!

    happy turkey day everyone

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