Blue Wahoos Launch Website, Online Store

PRESS RELEASE – Just days after netting a huge crowd for the catch and release of the team logo, Pensacola’s Double-A baseball team, the Blue Wahoos, launch their official team website, The site features pictures of the Blue Wahoos Stadium under construction, news releases from the team, as well as the online store for team merchandise, called The Bait & Tackle Store.

The look of the new team website is consistent with the brand and logo unveiled at last Friday’s Gallery Night, with the Blue Wahoo diving after breaking off a fishing line. It features information about the team, ticket sales, and links to the team’s Facebook fan page.

Jonathan Griffith, Executive Vice-President of the team, said the new website would be an extension of the great fan experience the Blue Wahoos are working to provide to the community. “Our goal is to make sure that any time our fans and supporters come in contact with the Blue Wahoos organization, that it’s a great experience,” said Griffith. “The new website is a great opportunity to do that. Fans can go online to check the game schedule, get updates on the team, buy their favorite t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs, and buy tickets for the game or the whole season.”

Griffith said that eventually, player profiles, game updates and box scores, and videos and pictures from games will be available online.

The site was produced by a web design firm that services the Minor League Baseball teams across the country, with specific consideration to the branding, marketing, and information required by teams like the Blue Wahoos that are part of Major League Baseball franchises.

Griffith said the new website promised to expand the reach of the Blue Wahoos organization as well as the Pensacola area as whole.

“As an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, we have a much broader reach than just this local area, in terms of fans and interest. This website is going to be a great opportunity for the team, and the community, to really showcase the Blue Wahoos and the Pensacola area,” said Griffith.

“When people go to our website – whether they’re Cincinnati Reds fans looking for the next great Major League player, or from the Chattanooga Lookouts scouting out their next week’s competition, they’re going to look at a big panorama picture of the stadium with Pensacola Bay in the background, or see pictures of our logo unveiling on Gallery Night in historic downtown Pensacola, and it’s going to be hard for anyone to not think this is a great place for baseball and a great place to come and visit,” Griffith continued.

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  1. Logo Admirer

    I’m sorry, but the “hook” in the mouth took me about 10 minutes to FINALLY figure out what that was. It would look better if you removed it or made it more obvious as to what it’s supposed to be.

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