Battle for Pittsfield: NECBL vs. FCBL

Two groups are vying to bring a summer collegiate franchise to Pittsfield (MA) and Wahconah Park. One group led by Pittsfield attorney Richard Johansen and businessman Tom Goggins are representing the New England Collegiate Basaball League. The other group led by Futures Collegiate Baseball League Commissioner Chris Hall and Goldkang Group Managing Director Jeff Goldklang are represting the FCBL. A decision is expected to be made by the city next Tuesday.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Battle for Pittsfield: NECBL vs. FCBL

  1. summer collegiate baseball fan

    Trust me. The NECBL are amateurs with no stability. The Old Orchard Beach team spent just one year there and failed just like they did where they were the year before that. The NECBL doesn’t care and works hard to maintain medIocrity. OOB deserved better and so does Pittsfield

  2. Timothy E. Jones III

    wow Goldklang to the futures league…what a winner for pittsfield. this is a no-brainer

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