B-Mets Extend Stadium Lease

PRESS RELEASE – The Binghamton Mets Baseball Club announced the extension of their lease at NYSEG Stadium earlier this afternoon. The B-Mets current lease expired at the end of the 2011 season. Today the B-Mets have exercised their option to extend their lease of NYSEG Stadium for an additional five years, running through the 2016 season.

B-Mets President Mike Urda said, “We have had a great relationship with the City of Binghamton since 1994 and we are eagerly looking forward to playing ball here for the next five years and hopefully many years thereafter.”

The B-Mets will kick off the 2012 season on Thursday, April 5th at 6:35 PM versus the Akron Aeros (Double-A Indians). Season tickets and mini-packsmay be purchased in person at the NYSEG Stadium front office, On-Deck Circle Team Store at the Oakdale Mall or by calling (607) 723-METS (6387).


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6 responses to “B-Mets Extend Stadium Lease

  1. patrick spawn

    why not binghamton move i mean 6000 people in that sore lame excuse of a stadium it would be best to have a ny-penn team in binghamton instead of a double a team thats my opinon and mine alone you can agree or disagree or what about a low a ball team it would benefit the community the number of games the weather factor the entertainment possiblites would be endless what do you all say?

  2. Mark.

    I guess if Erie do move, then a NY-Penn team will take over there. The Seawolves were quite a good draw in that league.

  3. Mark.

    So this ends those Mets-to-Ottawa stories. If not Binghampton, who else ?

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