Writer Pooh-Poohs Idea of Double-A Ball in Ottawa

Folks in Ottawa seem pretty excited about the possible return of affiliated ball to the capital city.  Ottawa Citizen writer Mark Sutcliffe is one of those who would be happy to see Double-A ball take up residence at Ottawa Stadium, but he thinks it would be a failure.  Read more here.

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One response to “Writer Pooh-Poohs Idea of Double-A Ball in Ottawa

  1. DanRodriguez

    He has a good point although he misrepresents the attendance data. Sure, New Britain itself is a small town but it’s in the greater Hartford area. Bowie is in the greater DC/Baltimore area. I remember being in Ottawa when the Lynx were around and no news coverage at all. That would have to change. But I’m glad to see it happen and hope it works! Ottawa is a great city! Maybe Tim Raines would be manager as I hear he lives there now.

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