Mets Stiff-Arm Yanks in Newark

The New York Mets have reportedly exercised their territorial rights and rejected a proposal by the New York Yankees to move the Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees (International League) to Newark’s Riverfront Stadium, home of the indy pro Newark Bears (Can-Am League) for one season.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Mets Stiff-Arm Yanks in Newark

  1. DanRodriguez

    Well, it’s not gonna happen now, Billy, (booo Mets) but my guess would be what happened in Tuscon, where the Toros went on hiatus when the Portland Beavers moved to Tuscon.

  2. Billy

    So if the SWB Yankees were to play in Newark during 2012 would that mean the Bears and done or would they share the place?

  3. DanRodriguez

    While the reporter is definitely biased here, this was a tacky move by the Mets but certainly within the rights? Might affect fans going to Citi Field? How about win some games and people will go. This could be the death of baseball in Newark.

  4. DanRodriguez

    Oh, man, that stinks. I’m not a Yanks fan but that would have been sweet to get some good baseball at that nice park in Newark. It’s a shame , nice park but always empty.

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