Opposition to San Rafael Ballpark Proposal Continues, Despite Scaled-Down Expansion

Centerfield Partners, which is seeking to bring an expansion indy pro North American League franchise to Albert Park in San Rafael (CA), has scaled down its ballpark expansion proposal from 1,500 to 800 seats, but the group still faces stiff opposition from some residents, including the Steering Committee for Communities for Albert Park.  Read more here.  Our opinion?  Observing from the outside, the expansion reduction appears to be a weasely way for Centerfield Partners to maneuver into the park, with the hope of expanding further once they lock in the deal.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t pass the straight face test for a professional club.  We think they lose credibility with the change in plans.


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4 responses to “Opposition to San Rafael Ballpark Proposal Continues, Despite Scaled-Down Expansion

  1. Richard Nixon

    I’m sure College of Marin’s baseball facilities would be serve the needs of the teams, fans and the community.

    Albert’s Park should be for the enjoyment of San Rafael and the County residents, not a “profit center” for the City of San Rafael!

    Play Ball @ COM!

  2. Baseball Scout

    Again, screw the NAL.

  3. Been Around

    I wouldn’t think the NAL has much to worry about as far as losing credibility. Can’t lose something you don’t have.

  4. BBFan

    Lose credibility? Any plan for a pro team’s stadium which only has 800 seats does not have any credibility to lose.

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