Fielders to Play Semi-Pro Kenosha Kings

PRESS RELEASE – The Lake County Fielders minor league baseball team has accepted the Kenosha Kingschallenge, and the two teams will face off against each other beginning tomorrow night in Zion at 7:00 pm, and compete on dates when the Fielders are not scheduled against North American League opponents during the remaining weeks of the 2011 season.

“Both ballclubs and their fans are excited about the upcoming games,” said team spokesman Bernie DiMeo of DiMeo Communications. “This is akin to the old-time minor leagues — local town ball, with each community having bragging rights at the end of every game.”

The teams will also hold a combined weekly tryout for a limited number of roster spots that may become available for upcoming games. The first tryout will be held this Saturday at Noon at Fielders Stadium at Green Bay Rd. and Rt. 173 in Zion. The tryouts will also feature a mini draft between the two teams, and someone may be offered a dream come true contract to play professional baseball.

The Fielders will announce their remaining 2011 game schedule this week.

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