The Sandcastle to Get More TLC

Atlantic City plans to devote more resources to rehab Sandcastle Stadium, former home of the indy pro Atlantic City Surf.  Michael Scott, the city’s business administrator, stated the first order of business will be to install a facility manager, and clear out suites and offices that have sustained water damage.

The city has already spent $300k cleaning up and repairing the neglected ballpark.  It is estimated that it will take another $450k to restore the mere decade-old stadium to its former glory.  Read more here.  No word yet on a new baseball tenant, but we’ll continue to sniff around for any new news.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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4 responses to “The Sandcastle to Get More TLC

  1. DanRodriguez

    Oh the group’s FB page is simply Atlantic City Surf. Check it out.

    • ballparkbiz

      Thanks, Dan. We’ve been monitoring the Facebook page for some time. We are aware of Silk City Ventures, but until we receive more details about the effort, there is nothing to talk about. We have requested details, and to date, we have not received anything.

      Regarding Facebook for Ballpark Biz, it’s coming. However, until we have the time to manage it and do it right, we’re going to hold off. We have a Twitter account, but even that is relatively dormant. That said, with almost two years under our belt, there are changes coming to the site that will incorporate social media, other new features, and an improved design. Stay tuned!


      • Dan Rodriguez

        Thanks for the info. Yeah, I’m getting skeptical about the effort to bring baseball back there, especially surprised by some of the comments on the FB page which seem inexperienced shall we say. Frankly I don’t believe the support is there. Same thing for Newark.

  2. DanRodriguez

    On Facebook (which you guys really should get on!) there’s a group that’s allegedly trying to bring baseball back to AC, I’m a little skeptical the support is there but good luck!

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