NAL’s Bryant Targeting Brownsville (TX)

With three teams in the Rio Grande Valley (two playing in the same park), the rickety indy pro North American League and ex-Congressman John Bryant of United League and Texas-Louisiana League fame are exploring Brownsville (TX) as an expansion market.  Brownsville has considered building a new park in the past, but it looks the NAL will be starting from scratch with Brownsville officials.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “NAL’s Bryant Targeting Brownsville (TX)

  1. Spectator777

    Byron Pierce should disappear. I was one of many unfortunate suckers who got stuck holding a several thousand dollar receievable in the wake of the United League debacle. Please guys, just stop.

  2. Been Around

    Breaking news – NAL lacks credibility.

    And to answer the monitoring question – no.

  3. Jorge Tellaheche

    Are you kidding! I was scouting for our Mexican Pacific League this Summer and I saw and heard nothing but problems surrounding the 4 team North American League Southern Division. Everywhere this ownership goes they leave a paper trail of bills (Bryon Pierce and John Bryant) Did thye really change the league game ball during the end of the season. Prospective Mexican League players told me paychecks were late some players were not paid at the end of the season and some checks bounced. League equipment was under par. No documented league rules in place, also it was brought to my attention that the Championship team that represented the Southern Division was a group of hand picked players that represented all the teams in the Southern Division. Does anybody monitor ownership of these Indy leagues to live up to and maintain a professional scale.

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