Atlantic League Meetings: Skeeters and Hounds

According to a report in the York (PA) Daily Record last week, the Atlantic League board of directors approved the Sugar Land (TX) Skeeters to begin play in the indy pro circuit starting in 2012, but the Loudoun (VA) Hounds were put off for another season because of ballpark financing challenges.  Not conceding defeat for 2012, Hounds president and CEO Bob Farren had a different message for fans in the letter below:

Hounds Fans,

The Hounds senior management team and a couple of our investors just came back from a the Atlantic League All Star game in York, PA this past Wednesday which was won by the Freedom Division 7-0. The Hounds team made a presentation to the Atlantic League Board of Directors sharing an update on a number of issues such as our ballpark, our financing and plans for 2012.

One critical point I do want to clarify is a brief story that has appeared in the York Daily Record and some other publications as it pertains to the Loudoun Hounds. Comments were made by a league executive that stated The Hounds were not going to begin play in 2012 and that we did not have our financing secured. I want to assure everyone that we are working very hard to, indeed, begin play next year and are working on a multi-faceted plan to do just that. The League certainly reserves the right to confirm our start of play but it is our understanding that we can achieve such if we can present an acceptable plan. We plan to do just that in the coming few weeks. As for our financing, I have been relaying that we have had numerous options available to us and we are trying to make the best deal for The Hounds. These are difficult times as we all know but we hope this will be completed very soon.

Among those innovations being explored are options to hold games in the Loudoun County region during the first half of the season and be in our new ballpark for the start of the second half. No doubt, it is an aggressive task but we are working to this and other goals we believe you will enjoy. We remain optimistic that the Hounds will be playing in 2012.

The Hounds are committed to our fans and bringing baseball and other events to Loudoun County. We appreciate your continued patience and support. Thank you.

Bob Farren
President & CEO
Loudoun Hounds Professional Baseball Club


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2 responses to “Atlantic League Meetings: Skeeters and Hounds

  1. Dan Rodriguez

    Well said, oc

  2. ocpizza

    Oh, Bobby, boy, you don’t know who you are dealing with when it comes to the Atlantic League. This one isn’t like some of the other fly by night groups that will put up with a half-assed season idea like you are proposing. If you planned to go that way, you should have dealt with the CanAm…sorry, Miles, I like your work, but some of those franchises are losers, and the NY Federals idea is noncompetitive, making Quebec look like the only bona fide club existing there…which of course being a Canadian part owner, you love!
    With this AL, you have to have a visible stadium half built by now, and really true baseball men at the helm. You lost out when Harmon passed away, and that’s tough on your fans. But this crap about not being able to choose between financing options by know?? Give me a break. You apparently don’t have the baseballs lined up yet to even take a good swing, and that’s not acceptable to the AL, and more so to its high level brand of players. Gone are the days when former or almost major leaguers will play at a community college like Arsenal did, or in foggy, seagull filled skies like they did at my favorite venue, the Atlantic City Sandcastle.
    Tell your fans the truth, Bobby…you won’t be ready for 2012, and apologize. Then give them half off seats for a dozen games in 2013, IF a stadium is really there. The AL should hold onto the Road Warriors for a half next year, and THEN maybe play in your park later.
    The AL is a classy organization who has done it right. Either play by their rules and expectations, or go fish.

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