Rafters to Wear Vintage Twins Jerseys Monday Night, Auction Now Underway

PRESS RELEASE – Fans, here’s your chance to win a game-worn “Turn Back the Clock Night” Rapids Twins Jersey! Starting today, you can submit an online bid (starting at $50) for as many uniforms as you’d like, that will carry over into Monday’s game on July 11th during which fans will have the chance to match & continue to bid in-person. The auction will end with the last out in the bottom of the 7th inning and winners will be announced in the 8th inning. Winners do not need to be in attendance, but it is recommended. ($5 will be added for shipped orders)

All player hats from “Turn Back the Clock Night” will also be available, with the bidding starting at $15.  The hats will also be autographed by the players.

Proceeds from the auction will be used by the Witter Field Baseball History Committee in hopes of producing a mural to permanently hang at Witter Field.

To place your bid please follow these steps:
1) Click on the link “BID” beside the player’s name
2) Your email program will then open a new message
3) In the body of that email please include: the player’s name, the dollar amount of your bid, your name & your phone number!
example: Cody Koback, $125, John Fanta, (715) xxx-xxxx
4) Bid as many times as you’d like on as many jersey’s as you wish! (remember, bids less than $50 won’t be used!)

*Please note: Backside of uniforms will show the player’s number only.
**Upon completion of the game, each player will sign his jersey and hat and a member of the Rafters staff will bring those items to the Rafthouse Team Shop. At that time payment will be needed to obtain said item. Please be patient as over 30 transactions will need to be run immediately following the game. For faster processing, please bring cash.

“Autographed Jerseys” (minimum $50 bid)
Pitchers (according to jersey #):
#3, Michael Huckabay (Madison College)-BID Jersey
#7, Brad Douthit (USC)-BID Jersey
#19, Jacob Doyle (Arizona)-BID Jersey
#26, Nestor Bautista (Ball State)-BID Jersey
#28, Skyler Debilzen (UW-La Crosse)-BID Jersey
#29, Evan Stermer (North Florida)-BID Jersey
#30, Joey Wagman (Cal Poly SLO)-BID Jersey
#31, Joie Dunyon (UC-Riverside)-BID Jersey
#34, Kevin Wild (Valparaiso)-BID Jersey
#37, Michael Russo (Kean University)-BID Jersey
#64, Brian Hill (Eastern Michigan)-BID Jersey

Position players (according to jersey #):
#0, Curtis Frisbie (Nevada-Reno)-BID Jersey
#6, Cody Koback (UW-Stevens Point)-BID Jersey
#8, Luke Acosta (Oregon State)-BID Jersey
#9, Sam Montgomery (Oregon State)-BID Jersey
#10, Garrett Nash (Oregon State)-BID Jersey
#13, Alex Edward (LSU)-BID Jersey
#16, Bart Steponovich (UC-Riverside)-BID Jersey
#17, Bobby Martin (Valparaiso)-BID Jersey
#18, Bill Charvat (Illinois)-BID Jersey
#21, Justin Jirschele (UW-Stevens Point)-BID Jersey
#22, Brandon Hohl (Illinois)-BID Jersey
#23, Aaron Mees (Oral Roberts)-BID Jersey
#32, Josh Cyr (North Alabama)-BID Jersey
#35, Kyle Peterson (Eastern Michigan)-BID Jersey

Coaching Staff (according to jersey #):
#5, Josh Thomas (Asst. Coach)-BID Jersey
#11, John Hessel (Asst. Coach)-BID Jersey
#12, Jake Martin (Asst. Coach)-BID Jersey
#20, Chad Lee (Asst. Coach)-BID Jersey
#25, John Martin (Field Manager)-BID Jersey
“Autographed Hats” (minimum $15 bid)
Pitchers (Autographed Hats):
#3, Michael Huckabay (Madison College)-BID Hat
#7, Brad Douthit (USC)-BID Hat
#19, Jacob Doyle (Arizona)-BID Hat
#26, Nestor Bautista (Ball State)-BID Hat
#28, Skyler Debilzen (UW-La Crosse)-BID Hat
#29, Evan Stermer (North Florida)-BID Hat
#30, Joey Wagman (Cal Poly SLO)-BID Hat
#31, Joie Dunyon (UC-Riverside)-BID Hat
#34, Kevin Wild (Valparaiso)-BID Hat
#37, Michael Russo (Kean University)-BID Hat
#64, Brian Hill (Eastern Michigan)-BID Hat

Position players (Autographed Hats):
#0, Curtis Frisbie (Nevada-Reno)-BID Hat
#6, Cody Koback (UW-Stevens Point)-BID Hat
#8, Luke Acosta (Oregon State)-BID Hat
#9, Sam Montgomery (Oregon State)-BID Hat
#10, Garrett Nash (Oregon State)-BID Hat
#13, Alex Edward (LSU)-BID Hat
#16, Bart Steponovich (UC-Riverside)-BID Hat
#17, Bobby Martin (Valparaiso)-BID Hat
#18, Bill Charvat (Illinois)-BID Hat
#21, Justin Jirschele (UW-Stevens Point)-BID Hat
#22, Brandon Hohl (Illinois)-BID Hat
#23, Aaron Mees (Oral Roberts)-BID Hat
#32, Josh Cyr (North Alabama)-BID Hat
#35, Kyle Peterson (Eastern Michigan)-BID Hat

Coaching Staff (Autographed Hats):
#5, Josh Thomas (Asst. Coach)-BID Hat
#11, John Hessel (Asst. Coach)-BID Hat
#12, Jake Martin (Asst. Coach)-BID Hat
#20, Chad Lee (Asst. Coach)-BID Hat
#25, John Martin (Field Manager)-BID Hat

Good Luck!

The Wisconsin Rapids Rafters are members of the 16-team summer collegiate Northwoods League. The Rafters will play a 70 game schedule with 35 home games in 2011. The 2011 Marshfield Clinic Northwoods League All-Star Game will be held in Wisconsin Rapids.  The All-Star festivities will begin on Sunday, July 17th with the Marshfield Clinic Home Run Health Fest beginning at 2pm. On Monday, July 18th the Northwoods League North Division All-Stars will take on the All-Stars from the South Division in the League’s 17th Annual All-Star contest beginning at 7:05pm.

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