Pecos League Cancels Games vs. College Teams

PRESS RELEASE – The Pecos League had originally agreed to play games vs the New Mexico College League on set off days during the season. The games were designed to allow the College teams to play against Pro Players and to let the Pro Teams work some guys into the games. With the exception of the Las Cruces Aggies none of the college teams showed up for a single game this year.

The West Texas Outlaws were the latest in a list of no shows on Monday as they no showed the Roswell Invaders in what was supposed to be a 5:05 Start. The Las Cruces Vaqueros never heard from the Bisbee Copperkings. The New Mexico College Teams had requested games vs Roswell, Ruidoso and Alamogordo. They no showed all 6 of their dates and only appeared in Las Cruces. “I believe these teams didn’t realize how much it would cost to travel and didn’t have enough pitching to play against Pro Caliber teams. Had they played against these pro teams there would have had to make sacrifices in their regular summer schedules by holding back arms.” The Pecos League will only consider scheduling serious college summer teams in the future.


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2 responses to “Pecos League Cancels Games vs. College Teams

  1. Baseball Scout

    The New Mexico League is going through financial hardship. Bisbee’s co-owner had heart attack a couple of weeks ago.
    It’s a bad year.
    Goota give it to the Pecos League. They are finishing their schedule and signing players into higher indy ball!

    • Bflobaz

      I’m a fan of the Alpine Cowboys and the Pecos League. In a more perfect world, the league would have the staff, budget and facilities of higher Indy or lower-level affiliated ball…but let’s be realistic and in that way, not so critical. Many of those doing the day-to-day behind the scenes work are volunteers and/or someone is getting paid less over the course of a year than the umpire crew got; per the article, to oversee Alpine vs. Carlsbad.

      The least talented players in the Pecos or old Continental League are better than 99.99% of the fans ever were. The skills level in the Pecos League is clearly better than the old Continental League; in-part because there are fewer Indy teams and the talent level is moving where ever there may be an opening. Some of last year’s starters – aren’t.

      Give the Carlsbad Bats credit for their dedication and love of the game, too. They’re a travel team without a home base or even a modest fan following. Carlsbad has made some player moves and looked a lot better in their second series against Alpine than the first – including earning their first win of the season against Alpine. The Alpine fans appreciated the Bats effort. Sure, we wanted our hometown Cowboys to go undefeated this season and didn’t want to be the first team to lose to Carlsbad; but someone had to and the games were very enjoyable.

      The Pecos League games have been pretty darned good from my perspective. For example, I saw the final 2010 home game of the Jamestown Jammers of the affiliated short-season “A” NY Penn League and it had the feel of what I’d observed in Alpine in the old Continental League.

      Minor league ball — Indy or Affiliated — is a great value. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the Indy ball games I’ve attended; be it Fort Worth and Grand Prairie or Edmonton in the old league a couple years ago and of course, now in Alpine, TX.

      If you’re a fan, give the lower level Indy leagues a look-see and don’t be put-off by some of the fly-by-the-seat aspects or playing facilities. Don’t think you’re going to see “AA” Texas or Eastern League ball; but you’re going to see many good guys giving it their all. That’s more than I can say about the Majors.

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