Doubledays’ CEO Retires

PRESS RELEASE – The Board of Directors of Auburn Community Owned Baseball announces that after careful consideration, Thomas Ganey wishes to retire from his position as CEO of the Auburn Doubledays. Mr. Ganey has been affiliated with Auburn Community Baseball for the past six decades.

His start came when he served as batboy for the team in the 1960’s. Tom grew up in the shadows of the old Falcon Park and was instrumental in keeping the teams here as they transitioned into the new Falcon Park 16 years ago.

Mr. Ganey’s time with the team has enabled him to establish friendships with people who’ve come to recognize him as the face of Auburn Baseball. His most recent friendship with Auburn’s 10-year manager, Dennis Holmberg is one he fondly cherishes. With Dennis’ relocation to a Toronto Blue Jays affiliate in West Virginia, and Tom’s less demanding schedule, it allows the two friends an opportunity to stay in touch and reminisce about the good times both enjoyed at Falcon Park.

The Board of Directors recognizes Tom’s dedicated service and realizes replacing someone of that magnitude is not an easy task. For that reason, the board has elected to leave his position unfilled at this time.

The affiliation with the Washington Nationals remains intact and Doubledays fans should expect to see the same quality of service they have come to expect while visiting Falcon Park. Mr. Ganey has served this community well and continues to, in many ways. We wish him well and fully expect to honor his past commitment in an appropriate manner in the very near future.

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  1. marty nave

    at the home opener they ran out of programs,the slushy drink machine was out of order,a huge line for ice cream and above all else the water fountains were not working.a new g.m. should have not allowed this to happen

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