No Pecos League in Abilene, Kemp Looks to American Assocation

The start-up Pecos League prematurely announced back in April a series of neutral site games in Abilene in 2011 and awarded an expansion franchise to Richard Kemp, owner of the Abilene Blue Sox, for 2012.  The games didn’t happen and the franchise is a no go, because a deal could not be reached to use McMurry University’s Driggers Field.  Beyond Driggers, Kemp was talking about using an improved existing field, but now he’s eyeballing a new ballpark and the American Association.

Now, sources tell us that Kemp tried to secure a team in the old Central Baseball League some years ago, but he had no money.  Without the bank, we’re not sure what Kemp actually brings to the table.  Baseball experience and passion are a dime a dozen.  Money and successful operators are not.  If folks in Abilene ever decide to pursue a new ballpark for an American Association team, we’re pretty confident the league would seek out an experienced operator with plenty of cash available to pay the franchise fee and fund the operation.

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