Raging Tide Owner Pleased with Move to OOB

Raging Tide owner Doug Ayotte is still very happy about his team’s move from Lowell (MA) to Old Orchard Beach (ME), despite drawing a mere 317 fans per game through the first three games at The Ballpark.  Ayotte believes integrating the team into the community is key, and he expects attendance to grow as the team gets a foothold and the summer tourists arrive.  Read more here.

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One response to “Raging Tide Owner Pleased with Move to OOB

  1. in the know

    Glad to hear the owner is “living the dream” while his players stay in hotels and not in host families as promised. Should have figured that one out before committing to OOB. 20 host families, 250 season tickets, X amount of corporate partners or no team. That should have been spelled out before the move there. Hope the mosquitos aren’t biting too bad at The Ballpark.317 fans in a stadium of that bsize= no atmosphere.

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