Osos Owner/GM Resigns, New GM on Board

The upstart Pecos League can’t catch a break.  Clyde Woods, who was leasing the Riodoso (NM) Osos from the league and serving as the team’s GM, has resigned to focus on a commercial painting business, but the reality is that franchise disrupting reports were beginning to surface about a fatal shooting in 2005 where Woods plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter.  Beyond this, there are obvious economic challenges with the franchise.  Without lights or beer sales, the highest attendance for a game in Riodoso this season was reportedly 173 fans.  Billy Page from Page Sports Promotions has been named the team’s new GM.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Osos Owner/GM Resigns, New GM on Board

  1. Paul

    Killer Clyde Woods now back in the slammer for a probation violation. Good place for him. Since he was also divorced by his politically connected wife recently I do not imagine he will have the wherewithal to hire high powered lawyers. Truth or Consequences politics at its best. Lets see if judge Sweaza grows a pair this time and puts him in the slammer for the remainder of his “gift” sentence.

  2. No matter what happens in the Pecos League, the White Sands Pupfish are SPANKING the Alpine Cowboys arse!! Talk that trash now Stevens! Wo0t! Wo0t!

  3. Been Around

    Now you have to admit, quittng as G-M because you once killed a guy over a $14.00 license fee – that’s funny.

  4. AMAR

    you know i really want to see this league do well, I think it has a place in the indy league baseball world being a rookie low-a caliber league; but with all the problems that have plagued the league over the last few weeks it is getting hard to believe it will last very long.

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