Yakima Bears to Negotiate Exclusively with Vancouver

It appears that the Single-A Yakima (WA) Bears will not be playing markets off against each other in the club’s search for a new ballpark.  Team officials are expected to sign an agreement to negotiate exclusively with Vancouver (WA), a city of 165,809 that sits just across the mighty Columbia River from teamless Portland (OR).  The penalty for cheating on Vancouver: $250,000.

For those potential owners interested in the Yakima market, the Bears pay nearly $48,000 per year to use Yakima County Stadium, which comes from a lease payment and concessions revenue the team shares with the Yakima County Fair Board.  The board also charges $5 for parking.  here and here.


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2 responses to “Yakima Bears to Negotiate Exclusively with Vancouver

  1. Been Around

    So if baseball (Yakima) returns to Portland, how is it the end of baseball returning to Portland?

  2. Jason

    Hmmm, does this mean we could watch Vancouver v. Vancouver sometime in the next few years? Pretty cool! This also could spell the end for baseball returning to the city of Portland. I wonder where they are keeping that scoreboard these days?

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