‘Hoarder Relief Night’ Set for Friday

PRESS RELEASE – The Fort Myers Miracle have championed many causes throughout the two decades in Southwest Florida, but now they will provide relief to something that hits close to home. The team is hosting “Hoarder Relief” Night on Friday, May 27 at Hammond Stadium.

Normally fans receive a giveaway item when entering the stadium, but not on Friday when we are “taking” away items to help hoarder’s part ways with their belongings.

“I applaud the Miracle for helping out with this disorder that has some on the verge of a personal crisis,” said Dr. Pete Ceria.

Fans are encouraged to clean out the closets, attics and garages and bring that stuff to the ballpark. The Miracle, in conjunction with Goodwill Industries, will collect items at the front gate.

Goodwill will be providing a ticket to a future Miracle game with every “hoarder” donation.

Doctors aren’t sure what causes hoarding, but they believe that it affects nearly a million baseball fans.

“This night really sheds light that we (Miracle) might be the biggest hoarders of all in minor league baseball. I know when we examined our hoarding tendencies we found programs, sales notes, box scores, promo items, ticket stubs, old popcorn machines, worn out mascot suits and so many more items that finally have to go,” said Miracle General Manager Steve Gliner.

Dr. Ceria diagnosed the Miracle’s hoarding tendency.

“I don’t believe they are on the verge of a team crisis, but I was astonished to find items that they didn’t want to part with,” said Ceria.

The Miracle takes this cause seriously and is hoping to help out fellow hoarders in Southwest Florida, unlock their excessive acquisition of their possessions and turn to a healthier obsession of Miracle Baseball.

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