Governor Approves $20M for SWB Yankees Ballpark Renovation

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has finally approved a pending $20 million allocation to Lackawanna County (PA) for the renovation of PNC Field, home of the Triple-A Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Yankees.  The renovation will actually be a replacement, as only the field and clubhouse will be preserved.  Read more and view news clip here.


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2 responses to “Governor Approves $20M for SWB Yankees Ballpark Renovation

  1. I live about an hour from Scranton, so am not quite close enough to understand all the issues with Mandalay. What exactly have they done to cause their attendance from being among the best in the league to now the worst in the league ? The precipitous drop is pretty remarkable. I know they had issues with field a couple years ago, but there has to more to it than that, right ?


  2. in the know

    Mandalay has run that franchise into the ground. They think they invented baseball.If any of their GM’s made the excuses they do they would fire them. They have alienated the entire fan base.The only real successes they have is when someone builds them a new ballpark. ANYBODY can do that.I guess the fans in Scranton just don’t respond to arrogance.

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