Top-10 Old Minor League Ballparks? Don’t Forget Centene

The Highwayman from the Delaware County (PA) Daily Times ( put together a list of the  Top-10 classic minor league ballparks.  Read more here.  Our one big beef with the list is that every stadium is located East of the Mississippi River, except for O’Donnell Stadium (now Modern Woodmen Park) in Davenport (IA), which is a homerun away from the Big Muddy.

While there are certainly fewer historic stadiums out West, there are some great old parks that the average non-ballpark explorer may know nothing about, including one of our favorites, Centene Stadium in Great Falls (MT), home of the Pioneer League’s Great Falls Voyagers.  Centene is a picture of perfection in the preserve and modernize department.  See photos below from The Ballpark Hunter (


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2 responses to “Top-10 Old Minor League Ballparks? Don’t Forget Centene

  1. While it is always nice to see an article written about old minor league parks, I’m not sure understand the point of this list. Not limiting it to parks used for professional baseball really opens it up too much. Where are parks like Engel Stadium, Wahconah Park, Duncan Park, Yale Field, PGE Park, Luther Williams Field, etc ? Also, I don’t consider Modern Woodmen Park to be a “classic” ballpark since it was rebuilt entirely before the 2004 season.


    • ballparkbiz

      Agree, particularly as it relates to Modern Woodmen. The only thing left there is the great facade. At least they didn’t level it.


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