Junction City Generals Won’t Play in 2011

The independent summer collegiate Junction City (KS) Generals have announced that they will not play in 2011.  The club hopes to return in 2012.  The Generals played four seasons at historic Rathert Stadium before going on hiatus.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the Generals since they were slated to be the flagship franchise in the new Central Plains League back in 2006, but the summer collegiate circuit never got off the ground.  The plan was for each franchise in the league to operate professionally like a minor league club, but a shortage of like-minded, business-oriented operators in the league footprint prevented the CPL dream from becoming a reality.  The CPL logo still appears at the bottom of the Generals’ website.

Despite the fact that the Generals were doing things the minor league way, they apparently ran into financial trouble.  We hope they’ll be back.

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