Hmmm…Former SWSL Officials Prepare to Launch New Summer Collegiate Circuit

A new summer collegiate league is apparently being formed by Richard Kemp and Brian Ramsey, two former officials from the now-defunct (?) indy pro Southwestern States League.  The league will be called the National Association of Baseball Clubs.

In addition to the press release on the temporary league site, below is the e-mail news we received:

America’s newest Collegiate Wooden Bat League is forming in the Great State of Texas and Oklahoma…. called the National Association of Baseball Clubs, herein NABC, The NABC begins it’s searching for quality ownership groups.

The NABC has 3 influential key success factors and activities that will contribute to the accomplishment of the NABC. These factors include: our ability to select the best location(s), keeping variable and overhead expenses as low as possible, and building high market visibility through brand building, social media and advertising.

The NABC will be home to many young athletes of the future playing their way to “The Big Show”, giving fans a chance to see the stars of tomorrow today!

The first major milestone will be confirming the 1st eight (8) quality ownership groups, whom shall be awarded NABC grandfather status.

The NABC dedicates is mission to honor the late great Howard L. Green.

The new NABC site scheduled to launch on May 16th:

A sneak peek at our site before it goes live:

For more information contact:

Richard Kemp 325-220-1510

Brian Ramsey-

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One response to “Hmmm…Former SWSL Officials Prepare to Launch New Summer Collegiate Circuit

  1. Hawk

    Hahaha. Is this the guy who got burned rejoining w/ the burners? It seems these guys write press releases for attentions sake. This is league #2 they’ve fabricated from thin air. If they couldn’t be the tip of the cow’s ass in pro ball it looks as though they’re determined to be the worst in the collegiate circuit.

    When you announce a league its only a league if viable owners have been vetted and committed. There was talk previously about having “baseball men”. Being a fan w/ good intention does not qualify you. Being a coach doesn’t either. Having operated a franchise and its budget qualifies. Judging by the league name alone, this appears misguided.

    Instead of fabricating leagues, why don’t you organize ONE club and join a league. Take One SWSL team and ask in the Pecos. Far-fetched upstarts that never get out of the gate embarrasses the entire industry.

    That the pr doesn’t state intenion to begin this year or next is another bullethole. Sorry for being so cynical, but this is ridiculous.

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