Spinners Eliminate Concession Lines with New Ordering and Delivery App

PRESS RELEASE -The Lowell Spinners, Class-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, are thrilled to announce fans will no longer be faced with missing a single pitch of Spinners action in 2011 with the unveiling of a new Smart Phone application that will allow fans to order their favorite ball park fare and have it delivered straight to their seats.

The app, created by Munchly, will debut June 17 when the Spinners open the 2011 season against the Connecticut Tigers at LeLacheur Park. It is the first such app that makes smart phone ordering and delivery available for fans in every seat of the stadium.

“It’s a smart move by the Spinners,” said Munchly’s Andrew Tider. “Our service allows the stadium to sell to fans without purchasing new hardware – they’re using what everyone already has in their pocket.”

Greg Pelly, Munchly’s CTO adds, “It’s going to be a big boost. Munchly allows the Spinners to understand the buying habits of their fans in a way never before possible. If your fans love Pepperoni on their pizza, Munchly knows that.”

“Coming to a Lowell Spinners game should be non-stop entertainment and fun and this app will only work to enhance the overall fan experience,” said Spinners President and General Manager Tim Bawmann. “At a major league game you may get up in between innings to make sure you don’t miss any action but Spinners game is about so much more than baseball, which could mean missing the Frisbee Dog or Stadium Sing Off. That’s not fair to our fans.”

Fans at LeLacheur Park are invited to utilize the service, which works with iPhone, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile and Blackberry 6+. Fans can order by going to Munchly.com on their phones. Our full food and drink menus are available through Munchly. When the order is ready it will be delivered directly to the fan in their seat by a Spinners staff member.

“This is the type of service you expect to find in the premium seating sections of big league parks,” said Bawmann. “At LeLacheur Park we value each fan as much as the next and are thrilled to have this service available to fans whether they are sitting in the front row or the last row, as one of the first minor league baseball clubs to offer this technology.”

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