North American League: Spin to Win in 2011?

Wow, we can’t believe the spin job we just witnessed in reading the new North American League’s press release announcing the circuit’s finalized 2011 schedule.  (We know a few political spin masters in Washington, D.C. who would be proud!)  Born out of desperation, not inspiration, the NAL is doing all it can to plug franchise holes and bury negative stories that could harm the league’s credibility.

North American League Finalizes 2011 Schedule

PRESS RELEASE -The North American League released a final schedule for the upcoming 2011 season that re-shuffled the league line-up due to ballpark development delays in Henderson and financial issues in Schaumburg and Rockford.

“In any launch year of a new league there are lots of details to work out to make it a success,” said North American League CEO Kevin Outcalt.  “We felt that ten solid teams was a better option than having the burdens and issues that ill-equipped or ill-prepared teams presented.”

The 10 team league is set with five teams in a northern division and five in a southern division with an additional six teams approved for 2012.  The Henderson Roadrunners will postpone their inaugural season as the enhancing of the College of Southern Nevada ballpark won’t be completed in time for this upcoming season.  The Schaumburg Flyers and Rockford Riverhawks failed to meet financial obligations necessary to participate in the league.

The North American League launches on May 24th as one of the largest independent minor leagues in the country in terms of teams and the largest in geographic scope.  Teams are based in Chicago, Texas, California, Arizona, Hawaii, and western Canada.  The entire schedule can be found here.

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