Ruling Expected in Ramapo Ballpark Legal Challenge

State Supreme Court Justice Linda Jamieson could issue an order as early as Monday to stop construction on the new ballpark in Ramapo (NY) for the Can-Am League’s inaugural Rockland Boulders, or dismiss a lawsuit filed by the anti-stadium group Preserve Ramapo.

Interestingly, Preserve Ramapo Chairman Robert Rhodes has actually suggested that the city quit now and downgrade the ballpark plan to a recreational field without lights and all the amenities.  Really?  The stadium is 80 percent complete.  If the assumption is that the finished ballpark will become a money pit, the best way to lose even more money is to stop construction and operate an incomplete, mammoth-sized, non-revenue-generating structure as a recreational facility.  Whether you agree or disagree with the way the ballpark came to fruition, the reality is that the community is neck-deep in the project, and they better find a way to make it work.  Let any political fallout run its course on Election Day.  Read more and view construction photo here.


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4 responses to “Ruling Expected in Ramapo Ballpark Legal Challenge

  1. TNT Man

    Preserve Ramapo is doing this for only one reason – so they – the individuals can get themselves elected and then appoint their buddies to jobs. This is a power grab and nothing else.

    I live near the new stadium – I want it up and operating. Looking forward to the opening game.

  2. Could not agree with you more, Alan. The trees have been taken down, the land has been cleared, and the ballpark has already taken shape. Stopping it now would be pointless and just cause a huge eyesore to remain standing indefinitely. Preserve Ramapo is a very small, but vocal group of people. I suspect that most people in the area are thrilled about the ballpark and looking forward to the upcoming season.


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