Report Not Good News for Baseball in Ottawa (UPDATED)

No April Fools’ Day prank here.  A report from city staff on the future of Ottawa Stadium does not bode well for the Intercounty Baseball League’s Ottawa Fats cats or any other baseball team for that matter.  The analysis recommends keeping the stadium put, but turning it into a multi-use facility that does not appear to contemplate baseball.  Read more here and here.  In response to this attack on baseball, Fat Cats GM Duncan MacDonald defiantly vowed to fight for the stadium.  As we reported last week, at least one councilman has agreed to champion the baseball cause at city hall.

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One response to “Report Not Good News for Baseball in Ottawa (UPDATED)

  1. AMAR

    Given Ottawa’s history of not getting anything done and given the renewed populatiry of baseball in ottawa (over 4000 season tickets sold for this fat cats season), it seems unlikely that the city will convert the stadium to the point where they will no longer be able to play baseball in it. I have spoken to some baseball and city insiders and they seem to think it more likely that the stadium gets converted to a multi-use stadium much like the rogers centre in Toronto (minus the dome) where they can host concerts, baseball games, trade shows, and other sports events with the use of a bubble in the winter months out in the field (indoor soccer, field hockey, golf driving range etc.).

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