Chooses Top 10 Minor League Parks, an online community dedicated to identifying the best places to live in America, has selected the Top-10 minor league ballparks in some of Livability’s best places.  It’s an interesting list.  Read more here.  Thanks to Brian Merzbach ( for posting this on Facebook.


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2 responses to “ Chooses Top 10 Minor League Parks

  1. Mike Nolan

    Nashville is a beautiful city with a lot of great places to go to and see. Herschel Greer Stadium (their #8) is not one of them. I was last there in 2008, and to me it seemed that the place is falling apart! On the other hand, the BBQ restaurant above the press box was very impressive, and pretty good.

    • Marc Viquez

      Wow! How did Greer Stadium make a top 10 best list? Yes, there is free parking and the guitar shape scoreboard is one of the most prominent features in any ballpark in the country, but the Sounds have been contemplating leaving Greer for the better part of a decade. With all that being said, who am I to contradict someone’s ballpark experience. We might have some new fangled Ballpark Hunters on our hands.

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