Bellingham Bells Unveil Improved Branding, ‘Hamster’ Mascot

The summer collegiate West Coast League’s Bellingham (WA) Bells unveiled their new mariner-themed logo, colors, uniforms, and a sketch of the team’s new Bellinghamster mascot at an event last night at the Girls & Boys Club in Bellingham.

The name for the new hamster mascot will be chosen via a name the mascot contest.  Fans are being asked to vote on one of three options — Homer, Dinger or Hammy — or submit a write-in name of their choice.  Read more here.

As you may recall, businessman Eddie Poplawski purchased the team from Brett Sports & Entertainment last fall, which acquired the team from Tony Larson in 2008.


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3 responses to “Bellingham Bells Unveil Improved Branding, ‘Hamster’ Mascot

  1. wish you all the best for the team.

  2. wow nice logo.. keep up the good work guys

  3. homer would be great since its closest to home-run. good luck guys

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