IBL’s Mississauga Twins Relocate to Burlington

We don’t typically post stories about non-pro or non-collegiate adult league’s, but with the Intercounty Baseball League‘s Ottawa Fat Cats playing at 10,000-seat Ottawa Stadium, we’ll entertain a modest level of news about the Canadian circuit.  That said, the Mississauga (ON) Twins have relocated about 30 kms down the road to Burlington (ON) and will play at Nelson Park.  Read more here and here.  Both communities are suburbs of Toronto.


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2 responses to “IBL’s Mississauga Twins Relocate to Burlington

  1. AMAR

    The Intercounty League is kind of a cross between both a pro and a collegiate league here in Ontario. Many Canadian Collegiate players like marcus Knecht come back to canada in the summers and play in the IBL as amateurs. while many Rookie, low A and single A players come back to Canada to play in the IBL as ther careers wind down; making a small some of money similar to that of the Pecos League except they dont have food and housing paid for them. former Toronto Blue Jay Paul Spoljaric made approx 1000 dollars every time he stepped on the mound for the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team. That may be the high end of the salary scale but many players make a decent chunk of spending money for playing in the IBL each summer.

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