Frederick Awaits RFP Submissions, Sarpy County Study Under Review

The City of Frederick (MD) issued a request for proposal (RFP) notice on Feb. 16 for those wishing to lease Harry Grove Stadium, but so far no proposals have been submitted.  Suitors have until April 15 to put their best foot forward.  In the meantime, Alderwoman Carol Krimm shared with her colleagues a 2008 study from Sarpy County (NE) (we assume the feasibility study “Minor League Baseball in Sarpy County” and appendix “Comparable Facility Case Studies” dated September 12, 2008) showing that an affiliated club would be more beneficial to Sarpy County economically than an independent club.

Despite the strength and credibility of the  indy pro Atlantic League, and the city’s previous relationship with Peter Kirk, we continue to think it’s highly unlikely that Frederick will give up (likely, forever) an affiliated club, particularly one associated with the Baltimore Orioles.  Deep, deep down, we think Frederick is simply using the Atlantic League as a legitimate threat to leverage a better deal with the Keys.  If so, the Sarpy study would be one tool the city would use to hang its hat on to justify going the affiliated route, even if a better deal is offered by the Atlantic League.  Read more here.

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