Rockland Boulders Unveil Logos

PRESS RELEASE – In Rockland County, New York boulders come in many forms and fashions; shapes and sizes, including baseball players. When the Rockland Boulders take to the field in June to begin their inaugural season of play, baseball fans from the Lower Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey will see the team adorned in their new uniforms featuring the primary and secondary logos, which the team unveiled today. (Uniforms to be unveiled later this spring)

The Rockland Boulders name is representative of the region’s unique topography which features spectacular boulders and rock formations. The team logo was designed to reflect that terrain while also honoring the solid foundation and long history that the great game of baseball has in Rockland County and the surrounding New York/New Jersey metropolitan area – an area that many consider to be the heart of baseball.

The Boulder’s logo is designed to represent that solid foundation of local baseball history. The typeface is bold and the letters are capitalized which is indicative of the strength of a boulder. The rock baseball bursting thru the name implies an unstoppable force that is moving forward without resistance. Fans will notice the boulder breaking thru the name generating nine flying fragments, representing the nine players on an opposing team that will feel the impact of the Boulders on the field.

The team’s primary colors are Boulder Blue, red and gray a fitting tribute to the community in which the team calls home. Boulder Blue is a “tip of the cap” to the Brooklyn Dodgers, who used to hold their spring training at nearby Bear Mountain State Park during the 1940’s. The red honors the ballpark’s neighbor at the Rockland County Fire Training Center, while the numerous shades of gray represent the colors found in the area’s many boulders and rocky terrain.

“The fans overwhelmingly voted to name their team the Boulders because boulders have dotted and defined the Rockland landscape for centuries”, said Ken Lehner of the Rockland Boulders, “and now they will dot the infield starting on Opening Day in June.”

Effective immediately official Boulders merchandise is available exclusively at The initial product line includes hats, tshirts, golf shirts and hoodies.

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