Grand Junction’s Suplizio Field to Get Upgrades, New Team on Deck?

Suplizio Field in Grand Junction (CO), the home of the JUCO World Series, is slated to receive a number of upgrades.  According to JUCO Chairman Jamie Hamilton, the improvements will keep the annual championship tournament at Suplizio for the next 25-years.  It could also open the door to a new minor league team, as Hamilton said he was approached eight months ago by an ownership group, but apparently the park was not up to snuff.  Read more hereWatch news clip here.

While no minor league circuit was specifically mentioned by Hamilton, we know that the Golden Baseball League was trolling the market some time ago, and we wouldn’t be suprised to see them still sniffing around under the new North American League moniker.

Here are some great photos of Suplizio from one blogger.


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4 responses to “Grand Junction’s Suplizio Field to Get Upgrades, New Team on Deck?

  1. ballparkbiz


    I forgot that we posted this press release a month ago about the Ghosts’ ownership change:

    Now it makes all the sense in the world that the team could move to a location in Colorado. Based on the comments in this article below, there must have been rumors we missed about moving the team to Grand Junction, Greeley, or Ft. Collins:


  2. ballparkbiz


    I hadn’t heard that one before, but it would make “some” sense, at least for Ogden, Orem, and Idaho Falls. Casper is kind of isolated, and there is no easy route from the West through the Tetons/Yellowstone, unless you come down from Billings or up from Cheyenne on the Interstate. Grand Junction is on I-70, so shooting into Utah and up on I-15 would be easy. The communities are about the same size at 50,000+.


  3. Thanks for using one of my JUCO posts on your article. I will be happy to send you links of many more if you would like to have them. Here is one:
    Hopefully, that link will work.

  4. Alan, I believe there was talk of the Casper team possibly moving to Grand Junction as well. Apparently the Pioneer League wants to cut down on travel some.


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