RiverHawks Offer Fundraising Plan for to Rockford Schools

PRESS RELEASE – The financial problems facing the Rockford Public School District have dominated the news over the past two months. Every day, new plans are being proposed to cut programs and close schools in an effort to balance budgets. The Rockford RiverHawks want to offer their help.

The RiverHawks propose that the school district take advantage of the RiverHawks’ fundraising program – the schools could earn up to 50 percent of the proceeds from each ticket sold. For example, there are roughly 29,000 students in the Rockford Public School District. If each child sold 10 infield-box tickets at a face value of $10 per ticket, the school district would earn $1.45 million from the partnership.

“We are not adding a tax to the ticket, or increasing the price of the ticket to cover our donation,” RiverHawks director of operations Chris Daleo said. “The infield box ticket is $10 and the RiverHawks organization wants to do their part. We do not want to see anyone lose their jobs, or to see the doors of schools shut. We want to keep our fan base working and educated, and this is one way to help.”

The RiverHawks’ fundraising program has benefited numerous Stateline non-profits and athletic teams.

“We’ve been doing this for years with the baseball teams at Rockford College and area high schools,” RiverHawks CEO Kurt Carlson said. “With the school district in a time of need, we felt this was a point we needed to step forward as a good corporate citizen and extend this offer publicly. For many years, we’ve had a good working relationship with the school district through the reading program.”

Read more here on MyStateline.com.  Thanks to Eddie Utley for the link.

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