New SSL Awards Franchises to Meridian (ID) and Ontario (OR)

The new indy pro Southwestern States League has announced that Meridian (ID) and Ontario (OR) will join La Grande (OR) in the circuit’s North Division.  Now, we’ve talked ad nauseum about the viability of the teams in the North primarily as it relates to inadequate facilities, but the fact that the new owner of the “Meridian Buccanneers” is generally soliciting investors via a user group on raises a red flag about adequate franchise capitalization, and brings into question the league’s decision-making in awarding and announcing a new franchise before team funding is secured.  Beyond these concerns, there are complicated SEC regulations and state blue sky laws in play here, when it comes to soliciting investors.  All baseball entrepreneurs who are seeking investors should consult an expert securities attorney before plowing ahead.


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9 responses to “New SSL Awards Franchises to Meridian (ID) and Ontario (OR)

  1. Earwig

    From an outsider’s viewpoint, I feel that it is very dangerous in the interests of independent baseball leagues for a person to go off halfcocked and proceed with getting a baseball team without the proper capital. The Treasure Valley market is pretty tight right now. There are currently a lot of sports avenues pulling the consumer (BSU sports, Hawk baseball, Stampede basketball, Steelhead Hockey) and the economy is still in a bad spot. The last thing that is needed is a team showing up that is little better than a Legion ball team utilizing the same utilities. It seems to me that this has not been thoroughly thought out. Once the team, and league for that matter, falls on its face it will make it that much more difficult to get a league rolling again. It’s difficult to get the bad taste out of your mouth after getting taken into financing a team that is drifting aimlessly.

    The ball parks in question are nice “little” parks, but nothing that I would consider putting an Indy ball team on. They are very much like little league fields instead of what I would want to pay to see in an Indy team.

    SWSL should be renamed as SWiRL, because I can see the crap slowly circling and going down the drain.

  2. Indy baller

    Hey baseballfan I am a coach in the AA so why don’t you get your facts straight first. I know good baseball unlike that joke the swsl who is being run by a guy that works at a grocery store, and Swenson talking in 3rd person dosent help give you credibility that you have no money still. I hope you guys play so that you guys burn and maybe go back to your lonely pathetic jobs and leave the Pro ball to those of us who know the game.

  3. baseballfanz2011

    Indy baller is part of that lowly Pecos joke of a league ignore him and his glorified mens recreational baseball league, they have to break out there tonka toys and put up lights in ruidoso, Alan your looking to put a collegiate league in the ssl area, could that be why your so bitter on them being there?

    • ballparkbiz


      You think this is personal? I have been commenting on these same exact issues for 15 years without favoritism or grudge. Where have you been? And, to be clear, I put the Pecos League, Southwestern States League, and Continental Baseball League in the same exact category from a business standpoint. That said, if the Pecos League’s new Riodoso team will be playing in a similar park as the teams in the SSL’s North Division, they will fail equally the same without charity or subsidy.

      Instead of beating my head up against the wall regurgitating everything I have already said, go back and re-read VERY CAREFULLY my original post and all my comments:

      If you want to specifically and intelligently challenge anything I have said, I am happy to debate it. In fact, I would love to see a business plan and a budget for these leagues, so we could have something substantive to talk about. The reality is, not one person from any of these leagues has ever stepped up to substantively defend their business models.

      Look, this is far bigger than the SSL. This is about the overall credibility of the indy pro industry. When leagues and teams fail, they damage the image of indy ball. Failures also harm markets, fans, and advertisers who are left holding the bag. I have offered constructive advice publicly and behind the scenes on numerous occasions, only to see this valuable free consulting fall on deaf ears, because a person had blinders on and was unwilling to listen or learn, all in the name of owning and managing their own baseball team, no matter the consequences. Now, I am all for dreams and pursuing them with passion, but this business takes far more than passion or a love of the game. It takes capital, patience, and knowledge. Don’t let the dark side of indy pro history continue to repeat itself!


  4. Swens13

    I encourage you, Indy Baller, to start up your own Indy league and best of luck in that venture. Since you are not a financial analyst I am 100% positive that you know nothing of Mr. Swenson’s financial situation and seeking investors for a team that has been announced in the SWSL is not against the law.
    The facility in Meridian is not pro quality, but will be adequate for the model the league has in place for teams to succeed. But, haters will always open their mouths instead of their minds and that is life sometimes. The SWSL will be fine so let the dust settle and hold judgements until they get a year or two under their belts. We all want Indy ball to prosper as it makes it great for the pro game and fans alike as it creates a cheap entertainment avenue that everybody can enjoy.

  5. BSU Bronco

    ARRRRGH! I can’t believe the league would approve this, says worse things about the league than it does about those involved in the North. Ridiculous the money stream has to come from the gate and consessions, they won’t get it from either of these two places. Beer sales in Salt Lake errrrr Meridian Idaho? Only the speedway (the next door neighbor to the poor baseball facilities) can make any money selling consessions. What a mess, did the league even visit the facilities? Hey I live in Idaho, own 12 acres, maybe I can get a bobcat out and make my own little field of dreams stadium, and get a baseball team in this league. Speaking of that my neighbor actually has built a baseball field, and it’s better than Meridian’s.

    • Indy baller

      haha lets do it then BSU, we can start our own indy league then too!
      We will be just like the SWSL! Except we will actually have a good plan on what we are doing

  6. Indy baller

    The owner of the Bucs also has in the past solicited buyers on saying he would sell 5 or 10% of team for 5k to 10k. I know him he has no money at all, so bad move for the swsl to add him. They didn’t do their research well on this guy, he is as much a fraud as the rest of it. If he is buying into the the SWSL why is he trying to get into business with other baseball leagues- companies such as Superindybaseall where he claims to be part of their spring training in April. Mind you this is the same Superindy baseball who scammed a bunch of kids out of 3k 2 years ago in Chicago fall league. Doing business with people like this hurts credibility of ownership and the league.
    Plus living in the Boise area in the past I know the Meridian stadium, it is a awful facility, during the summer it is dreadfully hot and no shade and not good seating in a bad location and the field is bad condition. The Ontartio, Or facility is not going to hack it either. Out in the sticks at TVCC and its a juco field, you cant sell alcohol. Which insurance company is going to cover this league with teams in multiple states and not much equity or capital to put up?

  7. Pro Scout


    Your sharp! Keep us educated on the process the league seems to be taking. Us baseball people that may get involved with leagues like this don’t know the in & outs like you. Professsional is a strong word and in the baseball industry that means professional planning, professional communication, professional facilities, professional managers, and coaches, along with the professional players. Anything less is unacceptable. Keep us updated

    Good work!

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