Keys Go on Offensive to Block Indy Pro Atlantic League

The Single-A Frederick (MD) Keys have issued an open letter to fans asking them to contact their local elected officials to express support for renewing a lease with the Keys for the use of Harry Grove Stadium. They Keys’ lease is up at the end of the 2011 season, and the independent professional Atlantic League is making a play for the park and the market.


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2 responses to “Keys Go on Offensive to Block Indy Pro Atlantic League

  1. Ron Baugh

    This is awesome. Competition where a city has a chance to get the best deal for its lease of the facilities. Nice to see the team on the other side of what is normally a one sided “build us a better ballpark or we will leave” demands. An honest debate and consideration of the pros and cons should be had. Indy ball brings veteran players and owners who have to really try to get fans in the seats or fail but the keys might be able to bring stability, if they can get that promise from the big leagues to always have a team there. Atlantic league has been pretty solid though. A very interesting situation.

  2. ocpizza

    It’s more than time for the Keys to move on to a hungrier locality, and time for the locals to get refreshed watching better, more experienced players play in front of them, many of them still hoping for another shot back into the majors. They don’t have no “daddy” to take care of their needs while figuring out if they can really play the game or not. These indy players have mostly all been through that, even some so called rookies. It’s time to get more value for you hard spent bucks! And to see managers and coaches who were in the majors, too!

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