City to Issue RFP for Frederick Ballpark

We know the Atlantic League is gunning to snag Harry Grove Stadium, home of the Single-A Frederick Keys, but this is the first we have heard that the mayor will officially issue a request for proposal for groups to come forward and make a pitch for the park.  The current lease with the Keys was only extended for six months to cover the 2011 season.  Read more here.  Thanks to Eddie Utley for the link.

This one could get interesting.  If the Atlantic League were to pull this off, it would be the first time that we can recall where an indy pro league has been able to take out an affiliated club.  That said, the Atlantic League might be getting a little played here.  While we don’t necessarily think this is a bluff, the city could be using the Atlantic League as credible leverage to get more from the Keys or force an ownership change.  It is hard for us to believe that any city in Maryland would give up a minor league team affiliated with the Baltimore Orioles, although the Camden Yardigans have lost a little shine after some terrible seasons on the field and at the gate.

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