Renovations Pay Off for Rawhide, Visalia

The After $11.5 million in renovations to Recreation Park in 2009, the City of Visalia (CA) is finally collecting a little coin from the Single-A Visalia Rawhide.  Thanks to a rise in attendance from 971 per game in 2008 to 1,598 in 2010, Rawhide revenues reached $1.25 million this past season, including $548,861 in ticket sales, $174,949 in advertising and sponsorships, and $592,757 in food, beverage and merchandise sales.

Under the terms of a new lease agreement reached in 2009, the city will receive $84,500 from the Rawhide for the 2010 season, including $12,678 for five percent of gross revenues over $1 million, $65,099 from a ticket tax, and $6,750 for other events.  Read more here.  Thanks to Andrew Moon for the link.

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